Bajirao Ballal

Antariksh, our hero uses his time travel glasses and goes to 18th century Maharashtra where a young general is being appointed Peshwa by Chattrapati Shahu. Antariksh gets to know that this is none other than Bajirao Ballal the Maratha conqueror. Bajirao Ballal is compared to the Ram avtaar in our series. We then see a quick summary of what happened after Shivaji’s death and how the Marathas prevailed in the 27 year war with Aurangzeb. The story then continues with Bajirao’s journey and how he expanded the Maratha Empire battle by battle and at its peak the empire stretched from Karnataka to Attock in present day Pakistan. It also talks about the Peshwa’s conflicts with Nizam Ul Mulk of Deccan. Antariksh then sees how the Maratha Empire continued even after Bajirao and in spite of a defeat in Panipat. However in late part of the 18th century a new threat was rising in the form of Tipu sultan. And this sets the stage for the next avataar.