Dharma Raja Kartika

Antariksh, our hero uses his time travel glasses and goes to the late 18th century Venad kingdom in present day Kerala and meets Dharma Raja Kartika the magnanimous. Dharma Raja has been compared to the Krishna avtaar in our series. The story starts with an overview of Kerala history and quickly moves to Martanda Varma – one of Kerala’s greatest kings. Antariksh then gets to see the ascent of Dharma Raja. Around the same time there was a new danger rising in the neighboring Mysore kingdom. First Hyder Ali usurps the throne and then his son Tipu Sultan succeeds him. Tipu unleashes a reign of terror in the area and launches attacks on Venad. Antariksh sees how Dharma Raja not only gave refuge to the victims but also fought back Tipu and defeated him decisively. Unfortunately after the raja’s death British quickly take over Malabar and the stage is set for the next avtaar.