Lachit Borpukan

Antariksh our hero, uses his time travel glasses and goes to the Ahom Empire of 17th century Assam. There he meets the fearless Ahom general Lachit Borpukan. Lachit has been compared to the Parsuram avtaar in our series. There is a crisis brewing as Aurangzeb has sent his general Mir Jumla with a navy and defeated Ahoms. The Ahom king dies of heartbreak and his son Chakradhwaj Singha succeeds him and is looking for a good general to beat back Mughals. He finds his answer in Lachit Borpukan the fearless. Lachit systematically builds a new army and navy and battles the Mughals. The climax is set in the naval battle of Saraighat where the Ahom and Mughal forces meet in a grand finale. It’s a tough battle but as the dust settles by end of day the Mughal armada is seen fleeing back with heavy losses. Lachit Borpukan has saved the day for the invincible Ahoms.