Ranjit Singh

Antariksh, our hero uses his time travel glasses and goes to 19th century Sikh empire and meets Ranjit Singh the lion of Punjab. Ranjit Singh has been compared to Balram avtaar in our series. This is a tumultuous era in India’s history as British have taken over most of India and only the Sikh empire prevails. The story starts with a quick overview of Sikh history from how it was started by Guru Nanak and sustained by gurus in spite of brutal persecution by Mughals and Afghans. However by late 18th century they were a divided group of clans called Misls fighting with each other. Antariksh then sees the rise of Ranjit Singh and how he unites the Sikhs to establish the first and only Sikh empire in history. Battle by battle with blood and sweat he takes over territory one by one and at its peak the empire stretches from Punjab to Kashmir and Afghanistan. Antariksh also sees how after Ranjit Singh’s death the empire disintegrates quickly and the stage is set for the next story of British Raj and the independence struggle.