Shivaji Maharaj

Antariksh our hero, uses his time travel glasses and goes to 17th century Maharashtra. There he meets the king of kings Chattrapati Shivaji maharaj. Shivaji maharaj who carved out the Maratha kingdom is compared to the Vaman avtaar of Vishnu in our series. Shivaji maharaj started with nothing and was surrounded on all sides by enemies. Within 30 years he had beaten back the Bijapur sultanate and Aurangzeb’s mighty Mughal Empire to establish his own kingdom. It’s a story of how grit, determination and resolve overcomes the biggest challenges life throws at you. But alas at the end of the story Shivaji dies at a young age but Aurangzeb the villain is still alive. Was there someone else fighting Aurangzeb too? What happened to the Maratha kingdom? That sets the stage for our next avtaar.