- 1250 CE

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1250 CE

Events in half century preceding 1250 CE

1201 C.E - Bakhtiyar Khilji the general of Qutubuddin Aybak  conquers Bengal in 1201 C.E

1206 C.E - Qutubuddin Aybak establishes Mamluk dynasty and becomes first Delhi Muslim Sultan

1207 C.E- Razia Sultan crowned the only female ruler from Mamluk dynasty

1221 C.E - Genghis Khan invades Punjab, Kashmir

1221 C.E- Sukhapa from Myanmar/China (Mong Mao region) establishes the Ahom dynasty in present day Assam

1241 C.E - Mongols invade Punjab & Delhi on orders of Odegai Khan & destroy Lahore

1245 C.E - Vaghela dynasty established in Gujrat. Dilwara temples in Mount Abu built by this dynasty