- 1450 CE

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1450 CE

Events in half century preceding 1450 CE

1414 C.E - Khizr Khan, deputized by Timur to be the governor of Multan takes over Delhi founding the Sayyid dynasty

1424 C.E - Deva Raya II succeeded his father Veera Vijaya Bukka Raya as monarch of the Vijayanagara Empire

1434 C.E - Kapilendra Deva crowned Gajapati emperor

1435 C.E - King of Malwa Hosang Shah takes Kalpi and besieges Delhi

1440 C.E - Malwa defeated by Rana Kumbha - Raja of Chittor

1440 C.E - Ahom king Susenphaa wins a blood battle against Tansgu Nagas

1443 C.E - Abdur Razzaq from Samarkand visits India and documents a lot of books