- 1550 CE

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1550 CE

Events in half century preceding 1550 CE

1506 C.E - Krishna Devaraya crowned as emperor of Vijayanagara. Takes Hampi to its peak

1509 C.E - Battle of Diu marks the beginning of the dominance of the Europeans in the Asian naval theater

1517 C.E - Ibrahim Lodi becomes Delhi sultan

1520 C.E -  Rana Sanga defeated a joint army of Malwa and Gujarat sultanates and took Mahmud Shah II of Malwa captive

1522 C.E -  Portuguese land on the Coromandel Coast

1526 C.E - First Battle of Panipat - Ibrahim Lodi vs Babar. Babar wins annexes Delhi. Lodi killed and dynasty ends. Mughal dynasty starts

1527 C.E - Battle of Kanwaha - Babar defeat Rajputs & remaining Lodis united under Rana Sangha

1530 C.E - Vallabhacharya expounds on Shudh Advaita and preaches Hinduisms bhakti movement across central & South India

1530 C.E - Babur dies and is succeeded by his son Humayun

1535 C.E - First invasion of Ahoms by Muslim chieftains ends in failure of Muslims

1535 C.E - Meera bai a Rajput princess whose husband and father are killed in wars with Babar continues bhakti movement with her devotional Krishna centric poetry and hymns

1539 C.E - Sher Shah Suri rules most of North India upto Afghanistan with capital in Sasaram Bihar. Builds grand trunk road and creates currency as rupee

1540 C.E - Humayun defeated by Shre Shah Suri and lives in exile for 12 years in Iran