- 1600 CE

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1600 CE

Events in half century preceding 1600 CE

1555 C.E - Humayun regained the throne of Delhi from the hands of weak successors of Sher Shah

1556 C.E - Gujrat sultanate weakens and 3 kings are in quick succession Muhammad Shah-III, Nasir al-Din Mahmud Shah-III & Ghiyath al-Din Ahmad Shah-III

1560 C.E - Sant Tukaram continues bhakti movement with his varkari abhangs in Marathi. Devotional songs to Vithoba

1565 C.E - Battle of Talikota results in the rout of Vijayanagara empire

1556 C.E - Second Battle of Panipat fought between Hemu and Akbar's forces in which Hemu is killed. Akbar becomes Mughal emperor

1560 C.E - Akbar annexes Jaunpur, Malwa and Burhanpur

1567 C.E - Akbar storms Chittor & mass murders civilians. Later starts building Fatehpur Sikri in Agra

1570 C.E - Kalapahad a general of Bengal Islamic sultanate destroys Konark temple

1572 C.E - 1584 C.E - Akbar annexes Gujrat in 1572, Bengal in 1574 & Kashmir in 1584 & fights Rana Pratap's resistance

1590 C.E - Guru Arjan build Harmandar Sahib (Golden temple). Also added 2000 verses to gur bani in Granth sahib

1600 C.E - East India company is formed in England. Gets exclusive trading rights with India