Itihasika is the brainchild of Prabhakar Joshi from Mumbai. Our mission is to promote Indian history, heritage and culture via engaging and informative products.

As parents and grandparents, we continue to look for creative and modern ways to teach our children about culture and history. One day when having dinner with my family, reality struck me hard that as a society we could do a better job at this. Our conversation drifted to the Sikh empire, and I asked my family whether they had heard of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. To my surprise no one had heard about this significant empire & it’s founder. This turned into a little experiment that I would conduct in other conversations. Whenever I would ask highly educated Indians on whether they had heard names like Krishna Deva Raya of Hampi, Lachit Borpukan of Assam or Raja Raja Chola, nine out of ten times the answer would be no unless the person was from that region. Even those who had heard the names, would know it vaguely and without much context. On the other hand, everyone had heard about each and every Mughal Emperor, British Governor Generals and Congress leaders of the independence struggle.

Here was a clear pattern! It was obvious that certain parts of colonialists’ history had been highlighted in our education and certain important parts of our local heroes had been completely masked. Additionally, history and heritage has been completely delinked with culture of the land. I decided to do something about this asymmetry of information. Thus, started Itihasika.

Itihasika products help children, teens & young adults learn their history & heritage via fun comics, engaging animation movies, merchandise and interactive games. We help your loved ones connect the stories of our history to the broader culture and make our past relevant in our present world. Our innovative products will stimulate learning ability, increase cultural awareness, improve cognitive ability and build confidence.