Antariksh Meets Navyug Ke Dashavataar – Part 1

Life completely changes for 12 year old history buff Antariksh when he meets chowkidaar Bharat. Bharat is the unassuming watchman of the school but carries an interesting secret with him. When he learns about Antarikh’s interest in Indian history, he gives him time travel glasses. Antariksh travels back in time to see Indian history unfold in virtual reality. Navyug ke Dashavataar is an animation magnum opus that tells the story of India in the last 1000 years via 10 key monarchs each compared to a Vishnu avataar. In part 1 we cover history from Mohammed Ghazni’s invasions, Rajendra Chola, Jayasimha Siddharaja of Solanki empire, Mohammed Ghuri & Delhi Sultanate, Rana Kumbha of Mewar, Kapilendra Deva of Kalinga, Krishna Devaraya of Hampi, Mughal empire and finally Shivaji Maharaj.